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Outreach & Partnership

Extending the Gospel by preaching the Word to Plano, Texas, Manhattan, New York, and the World through online media…

We were thrilled to see the door God has opened for Trinity Local International Ministry. The Lord has provided us the opportunity to extend our gospel outreach to Chinese immigrants in New York City. This unique opportunity was offered by our broadcast partner TLIM’s sermon series in the Gospel of John has been video taped in our worship service on Sunday mornings and then NYGM will replay these sermons to the Chinese people in their “Pantry Service” each Thursday afternoon in Manhattan.

Praise the Lord for the big 75″ screen! It is beautifully installed and makes it vastly easier for the Chinese people to watch our sermon replays in their service at Manor Church in Manhattan, NY.Please pray for us as we begin the new series on the Gospel of John the following Sundays.



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